NEW DESIGN! Anser’s Mysterious Date, created in early 2007, is an attempt to create a more publicly inclusive form of graffiti. Instead of stylized letters, which Anser had done for years prior “the face” was created using the same methods of taggers and bombers. Anser felt traditional letter-based graffiti perpetuated an insular community; 'since graffiti was in the public realm, why not involve the rest of the public'. For this reason, The Mysterious Date straddles the lines between graffiti and street art.

Hitsu socks are unisex. The size fits women's EU 37-43; US 6-12 / men's EU 41-45; US 8.5-12.

They are made of 55% cotton, 25% nylon, 13% spandex and 7% elastic. Hitsu socks are designed by street-artists and each sock has a story to tell. We work with artists who have done something we feel is worth sharing and we work with them to bring their style to a brand new medium – combed cotton. Our collection includes designs by well-known artists such as Poser, SKAM, Jimmy Chiale, Runt, Chris Dyer and others.

A portion of every purchase you make goes to an artist, who created the sock. By choosing Hitsu, you support street art!