Richard Crouse & Uber5000 - Chick Flick


Richard Crouse watches bad movies so you don’t have to, but socks are his secret passion. Well, maybe not so secret. He’s teamed with Hitsu Socks and the amazing Uber 5000 to celebrate what Kenneth Branagh once called his “sartorial elegance at the ankle area.” Uber 5000 captured and blended Richard’s love of movies and socks with his own style to create something unique and beautiful for your feet.

Hitsu socks are unisex. The size fits women's EU 37-43; US 6-12 / men's EU 41-45; US 8.5-12.

They are made of 55% cotton, 25% nylon, 13% spandex and 7% elastic. Hitsu socks are designed by street-artists and each sock has a story to tell. We work with artists who have done something we feel is worth sharing and we work with them to bring their style to a brand new medium – combed cotton. Our collection includes designs by well-known artists such as Poser, SKAM, Jimmy Chiale, Runt, Chris Dyer and others.

A portion of every purchase you make goes to an artist, who created the sock. By choosing Hitsu, you support street art!