Uber5000 - Chilly Chicken


Inspired by Uber5000’s love for canoeing, here's a design of a chick happily taking a stroll along the river in a canoe. What happens when the chicken crosses the river? Who knows.  Actually, as we write this, Uber is taking a canoe ride by the lake. Literally. Did we mention that it’s winter here? What a guy.

Hitsu socks are unisex. The size fits women's EU 37-43; US 6-12 / men's EU 41-45; US 8.5-12.

They are made of 55% cotton, 25% nylon, 13% spandex and 7% elastic.

Hitsu socks are designed by street-artists and each sock has a story to tell. We work with artists who have done something we feel is worth sharing and we work with them to bring their style to a brand new medium – combed cotton. Our collection includes designs by well-known artists such as Poser, SKAM, Jimmy Chiale, Runt, Chris Dyer and others.

A portion of every purchase you make goes to an artist, who created the sock. By choosing Hitsu, you support street art!