Sock Pairing Your Dad.

Need Help Picking Out a Pair for Dad? We Got You.

6 Types of Dads and Their Sock Match.

  1. The Troll Dad

This dad takes dad jokes to another level and kicks it up to full out trolling.


His sock match:


  1. The Frugal Dad

This is the dad that buys the off-brand chips, no-name cookies, discount cleaning supplies, etc. to save that extra $3.00. He’s going to love the gift card. Woo, free socks!


Get him a gift card!


  1. The No-Shame in His Game Dad

This is the dad who proudly mows the lawn with his shirt off and his belly out on full display. No shame. All game. He’s also the type to try the funkiest of styles.


His sock match:

  1. The Cool Dad

You know your dad is hip and in-with-it, and he throws around words like “dope” or “bro”. Also, your friends don’t mind when he joins in for a beer and chills. Or if they do, they pretend like they don’t. ‘Cause he’s cool dad. Yeah. They might even like him more than you, tbh.


 His Sock Match:



  1. The Coach

He spends his afternoons and/or weekends yelling at athletes on televisions to get their sh*t together. Now he can do that in style.


           His Sock Match:


  1. The DILF

Congrats. You’ve got a hot daddy. We’re not saying that you find your dad attractive (that’s gross) but you know that some of your friends do and you have to hear about it. All the time. He’s going to look even better with a new pair of Hitsu socks. So hey, embrace it.


His sock match:


Now get to it. Get shopping!